We were approached by Space.NK to develop a range of hand care products. It was a “downstairs bathroom” brief. Make something that people will buy to impress their guests. So, tasteful… But tasteful can be really boring. The objects look nice but don’t encourage you to interact with them. Also, there is a problem of differentiation (one hand wash is much like another). Often beauty products will engage in pseudoscience to negotiate this (“our secret formula of invented words and spiral diagrams will make your hands look ten years younger” etc etc). So we used palmistry. A true pseudoscience. Palm lines form the pattern on the bottles, encouraging you to pick them up and compare them to your own hands, and each set of hand wash and lotion comes with a booklet of ‘Life Secrets’, revealing hidden truths in the lines on your palm. For the product launch Space.NK even held palm reading events in store. All the fragrances are derived from plants, hence the plant tags around the necks of the bottles explaining their properties.