Living Dead Guy


Identity for Bryan Fuller’s TV and film production company in Los Angeles. A self confessed sci-fi and classic horror geek, Bryan already had the name of his company when he approached us, together with a brief end credit animation of a cartoon zombie hand emerging from the ground. The idea was halfway there, but there was little ownership, and it didn’t look very good. The main problem was the hand didn’t really do anything, which seemed like a wasted opportunity. The first thing you do with a zombie hand is make it hold stuff (lit cigarettes, toy guns etc). So, we started writing a list of things the hand could do. Then we moved on to the aesthetics, researching horror books and posters from the Hammer period, from which it became clear that to get the right feel any illustrations would have to be paintings, and that we would need to hand draw any typography.

The results you can see here. As well as reaching out of the ground to answer the phone, write you a letter or pass you a showreel, Bryan’s zombie arm also clutches something significant from every show he has made. The cheerleader’s bullhorn from Heroes, a pie from Pushing Daisies, the lethal toilet seat from Dead Like Me. You can even see his Vulcan arm decay over time between Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek Deep Space Nine, (there were a lot of episodes).

Illustrations Kate Hiley