Glenfiddich: The 1950s


Four Baccarat crystal decanters containing some of the last pre-modern era Glenfiddich whiskies, when the distillery was still direct fired. The cabinet is specifically designed to preserve the whiskies in optimum condition, with instruments providing accurate internal temperature and humidity readings, and a rotating cassette that enables the decanter corks to be moistened once every six months without removing the decanters from their fitments. The exterior of the cabinet is slip-matched fiddleback sycamore veneer, laid to create the signature Glenfiddich V pattern, in the silver black colour of the anthracite used to power the stills of the period. The interior is maple and mahogany, with calfskin fitments.

Cabinetry by Royal Warrant holding cabinetmakers, N.E.J. Stevenson ltd.
Donated by William Grant & Sons for the Worshipful Company of Distillers ‘One of One’ Charity Auction.

Sold for a world record fee of 1,037,500 GBP – Most expensive bottle(s) of Glenfiddich ever sold.