Edition One / David Bailey 1966


Only operational for nine years from 1966 to 1975, and with no official bottles released in its history (until now) Ladyburn is for many the ultimate ‘ghost’ whisky (ghost is the colloquial term given to a whisky from a distillery that no longer exists). Entirely dismantled in 1976, not only has the distillery itself vanished, but Ladyburn had no visual identity whatsoever; no logos, bottles, packaging. All that remains of it is the whisky. And that is how we have left it. Almost invisible. A ghost. But also a platform to show all the excitement and dynamism of the period when the whisky was made; a time of optimism and great change. The first release, Ladyburn Edition One, is limited to only 210 bottles, and brings together an extraordinary whisky from this unseen distillery with the seldom seen side of Bailey’s seminal 1960’s work ‘East End’, depicting a London lost forever. The complete set of bottles, carrying all ten images, includes an eleventh bottle, ‘the black swan’, that features a colour image and can only be acquired when a full collection is purchased. Each signed bottle is presented in a case lined with in white calfskin leather and suede, containing a folio with notes on Ladyburn’s history, David Bailey’s work and the imagery curated in the edition. A larger presentation case was created for clients to display the entire collection. See the collection by clicking here.