Travel Board Games


Dunhill asked us to develop a set of travel board games inspired by their “Motorities” range, the original line of motoring accessories developed by Alfred Dunhill in the 1890’s and offered under the slogan “Everything But The Motor”. It was clear from the archive that priorities for travel items were slightly different at the turn of the century – Less of a preoccupation with the practicalities of size and weight, (floor length leather coats and huge brass horns) more with innovation and adventure. The products were often dual purpose, an idea we were particularly keen on.

So, each board serves another function. The backgammon board is also a time zone map, and split into northern and souther hemispheres. The checkers board doubles as a distance chart between major cities. We even made a snakes and ladders board identifying the world’s deadliest snakes, (although this never went into production – apparently a lot of people really don’t like snakes).

The board surface is inkjet printed leather. The illustrations won’t fade, rub off, or crack when the boards are rolled up in their tubes. A small innovation in a retrograde design.

Illustrations Andrew Davidson