BUBU Spectrum


BUBU, one of Switzerland’s largest bookbinderies, wanted to showcase their binding techniques without sending out endless samples. There are many different ways to bind a book, and most designers don’t really understand them. So, when jobs come in they request a sample. Every sample is hand-made which is expensive, and has a plain white cover, so differentiation is hard. Finally, designers are inherently lazy, and will often request new samples of books they already have, rather than tidy the bookshelf and find the old ones. So, we made a full set, and sold it. For Ch.100 you could have an example of every softcover binding available, each with it’s own photographic cover illustrating the properties of that particular book. It comes in a perspex box and even has a carry case. The first production run sold out within three months, and it has become an educational resource in several Swiss design schools.