Gleneagles Advertising Campaign

The Gleneagles Hotel

The Gleneagles Hotel approached us with an enviable problem. They are the number one hotel in Scotland, with high occupancy rates, and they want to stay there. The competition beneath them is fierce, so it’s important that they maintain their position. Also, there was a concern that some of the glamour had gone out of the hotel, (or at least the perception of it) and they wanted to bring it back.

It quickly became clear that we should focus on all the things Gleneagles has that the competition doesn’t. This is primarily fantastic staff, and a lot of them. But there were also specific aspects that weren’t being talked about, like the fact the hotel has it’s own railway station, with a direct train from London that can get you there in five hours. So, no need to fly. And that it has a gundog school, and Scotland’s only two Michelin starred chef, and a golden eagle that likes people. The list goes on.

For the glamour aspect we enlisted Vanity Fair portrait photographer Jason Bell, whose work rate, skill and attention to detail was astonishing, (the weather in Perthshire can be fairly testing).

Photography Jason Bell