Mr Twit

I have been reading The Twits again, as we are working on an exhibition for Quentin Blake that features it. In the chapter about Mrs Twit Dahl describes what happens to people as they get older.


If they have ugly thoughts, they end up with ugly faces. If they have good thoughts, the opposite happens. In the exhibition are lots of rough drawings, as Quentin worked out the demise of Mrs Twit from a pleasant faced young woman to a hideous old crone.


MRS_TWIT_2_WR MRS_TWIT_3_WR It’s actually Mr Twit I’m scared by. It was funny when he looked like my Dad.
It’s less funny now he looks like me.



Quentin had another exhibition open in Paris last month, Nos Compagnons, which we designed a book for.


After the launch a friend kindly sent me this picture. It’s Quentin talking to Sempé outside the gallery.


I’m ashamed to say I didn’t realise Sempé was still alive. But here they both are, very much alive and looking very cool. Wikipedia tells me they are the same age, (82) and that Sempé draws something every day. Quentin does too.


So, maybe there is a way out – A way to stop to becoming another Mr Twit. Have good thoughts, do something you like doing, and never retire.

With thanks to Graham Webb for the photo.

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