• Making Things

    Making Things


    People often ask what it is we do, and I struggle to give a coherent answer. If I think about the question in another way – ‘What do you spend your time doing?”- it becomes a lot easier. A fair bit of our time is spent doing the same stuff that everybody does at work. &hell...

  • Making Books

    Making Books


    Each year we do a charity project for the Ministry of Stories, a local writing and mentoring centre for children set up by Nick Hornby. They...

  • The Colour In Anything

    The Colour In Anything


    We have been lucky to work with both Quentin Blake and James Blake for several years now, and what has struck me about them (beyond the obvi...

  • Justin Leighton

    Justin Leighton


    This is Justin. He’s a photographer, and an old friend of mine. He used to shoot news (he was Nikon Press Photographer of the Year in ’9...

  • Affinity Shipping

    Affinity Shipping


    Affinity Shipping LLP is the new shipbroker founded by Richard Fulford Smith and partners, following Clarksons’ purchase of RS Platou for ...

  • The Golden Age of Travel

    The Golden Age of Travel


    The first in a series of five presentation cases for The Macallan in Lalique Golden Age of Travel. Each case is produced in an edition of fi...

  • James Blake Summer Festivals

    James Blake Summer Festivals


    Festival tour promotions for bands are usually pretty boring. It’s a list of dates, and nearly all of them don’t apply to you. If you do...

  • Mr Twit

    Mr Twit


    I have been reading The Twits again, as we are working on an exhibition for Quentin Blake that features it. In the chapter about Mrs Twit D...

  • Colour



    I had laser surgery on my eyes a couple of years ago. My sight was pretty bad and I’d got bored of not being able to see anything without ...

  • A Solution Looking For a Problem

    A Solution Looking For a Problem


    If you own any portable Apple product, this situation will be familiar. The cables are terrible – they always break between the wire and t...

  • Studio Music

    Studio Music


    We are proud to be on Studio Music this week. You can listen at studiomusic.fm...

  • Words or Pictures?

    Words or Pictures?


    Excited by this new competition by CBS Outdoor, celebrating 150 years of poster advertising. There are two posters, one with seventy-five s...

  • Glory Glory

    Glory Glory


    Along last night to Glory Glory, a poster exhibition we contributed to. Each entrant was invited to design a typographic poster illustrating...